44 Epic Resources Every Personal Trainer Should Know About

44 Epic Resources Every Personal Trainer Should Know About

Every Trainer needs a list of resources to keep them on top of their game. What follows is a list of 44 epic resources that will be your new go to resource list.


Dear Personal Trainer,

If you get nothing from this resource list I promise I will do five sets of 20x rep front squats everyday for the next 6 months.


Regan Kirk
Trainer Pulse


1. Sigma Nutrition – The blurb says evidence based nutrition but it’s more than that. Host Danny Lennon really nails it. He has tremendous guests, asks great questions and most importantly, is awesome at taking the latest science and breaking it down into easy to understand chunks.

Start with Episode 114 with Ryan Doris (of De Novo Nutrition), even though it’s more mindset based, it’s easily one of the best.

2. Under The Bar - Rawdon & Tom put on the lab coats and go in depth into the dark arts of body composition. In addition to the great guests and banter you will also learn some creative new cheat meals with several mentions of the famed “custard bath”.

If you are interested in standing on stage in your undies with 15 coats of fake tan, this podcast is for you.

3. Iraki Nutrition Podcast – This is full of superstar guests, not to mention the host Juma is a great interviewer. This gets 5 stars from me and should be on everyone’s weekly “must listen”.

4. “We Do Science” – The Guru Performance Podcast – A variety of industry leading researchers & practitioners in the sports & exercise field. If you’re into bro science this isn’t for you, alternatively if you want to stay ahead of the game, this is absolutely for you.

Guru Performance also have an amazing nutrition course which is affiliated with the ISSN – It is one of the best courses I have ever done – you can check it out here.

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5. Ben Coomber Radio – The “all rounder” it’s the perfect mix of nutrition, training, lifestyle & mindset. The earlier podcasts have a big focus on listener based questions. It’s a fantastic way for coaches (of all skill levels) to see how a top coach overcomes various client problems.

6. PT Prophet – Hayden’s podcast is a Personal Training masterclass, with guests ranging from Paul Chek to Jack Canfield. 1/3 coaching, 1/3 personal development, 1/3 marketing… If you listen to this you WILL be a better coach… & probably a better person too.

7. The Art of Paid Traffic – Because let’s face it, Trainers suck at marketing. Regardless of whether you currently do paid advertising or you struggle to download an app from the app store, you will learn something from this podcast.


8. Essentials of Strength and Conditioning – produced by the NSCA, it’s a training bible and a must have for all coaches.

9. The Science & Practice of Training – Scientific views on strength training from both an Eastern & Western perspective. One of the all time greats. Read it now.

10. Biochemistry for Sport and Exercise Metabolism – Carb cycling? Intermittent Fasting? You need to learn to walk before you can run. Learn how nutrients affect the body before you start delivering diets that may… or may not work.

11. The Muscle & Strength Pyramids – If there was ever a resource that was the perfect mix of latest research & evidence based practice, this is it. Split into 2 seperate books (training & nutrition), it will provide you with a blueprint for success. It’s pretty simple, read these books… get better results with your clients (& yourself).

Taken from the Muscle And Strength Pyramids – Nutrition Book

12. The Renaissance Diet – Similar to the muscle & strength pyramids – and just as good. Even though they are similar, the information is expressed differently. Learning different ways to articulate the same information is a great way to improve your coaching skills. Can’t recommend this enough for trainers & nutritionists alike.

13. The Supple Leopard – It’s great if you can curl more than anyone else in the gym, but if you make weird sounds when you stand up, there’s something wrong. Do both your clients & yourself a favour and learn more about mobility & body maintenance. Kelly Starrett is an absolute legend, check out his pre-workout squat routine here.

14. Easy Strength – Dan John & Pavel Tsatsouline – No rocket science here, just solid information about the basics from two great coaches.

15. Dan Kennedy – Direct Marketing – 10 marketing rules you can apply to your business today. Read this… make more money (and actually have a holiday for once).

16. Dan Kennedy – Direct Response Social Media Marketing – Spend half your day sharing funny cat videos? Read this instead, it will change the way you do social media.

17. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk – Huge fan of his approach to business. This whole book is about adding value to your audience before asking for the sale. A fantastic way to stand out in the very noisy market place.

18. Influence – Robert Cialdini – If you haven’t read this book, STOP what you’re doing and read it now. It’s one of the all time greats.

19. Mindset – Carol Dweck – Ever said something like “I have always been bad at this…”, “I suck at (insert task)”. You need to read this book today! It will change your mindset completely (< see what I did there). A book for Trainers & clients. A+

Online Courses

20. Exceed Nutrition – Ru Anderson has put together amazing education system for Trainers looking to up their game. It’s a great mix of nutrition, coaching & most importantly business education (hugely important for any coach looking to get started online) – he also has a great podcast which is full of actionable info.

21. Body Type Nutrition – This course changed the way I look at nutrition. Wide variety of relevant topics, high level lecturers, highly recommend.

22. Precision Nutrition – In addition to great content, the PN course has a huge focus on behaviour change, the systems taught here are great tools to add to any coaches tool box.

23. ACA By Phil Learney – I have personally done several seminars with Phil and walked away with my mind blown every time. All reports say his new course is fantastic.

24. Mac Nutrition University – Founder Martin MacDonald has a great approach to nutrition, very good at cutting through the misinformation and delivering real world nutrition – check out the Mac Nutrition blog for a taste of the quality of the info he puts out.

25. Shredded By Science – If the fantastic blog content & coaching pedigree is anything to go by the SBS academy is definitely one to look into if you want to further your education.


26. ExRx.net – ACSM recommended resource, comprehensive exercise library, fitness assessment calculators and reference articles.

27. Journal of the International Society of Sport Nutrition – Unbelievable resource for nutrition studies. The JISSN Position Stands are a MUST read for every coach.

28. Examine – Unbiased source of information on nutrition and supplements (it will be one of your new go to’s). Their product – “The Supplement Goals Reference” is a must have for all Fitpros

29. Alan Aragon’s Research Review – A membership site and if you consider yourself a good Trainer, it’s one you should be a member of (It’s like $10… you probably spend more on coffee by 8am most days)

30. EliteFTS – Founded by Dave Tate, this site has a great collection of articles, strong focus on strength / powerlifting so if that’s your flavour, check it out.

31. The Tight Tan Slacks Of Dezso Ban – Terrible name, great resource, heaps of old school training programs.

32. Strength And Conditioning Research – Are hip thrusts better than squats for sprinting? Find out on this site.

33. Juggernaut Strength – Home of some fantastic articles written by great coaches like Mike Israetel and Dr. Quinn Henoch, this article is one of my favourites, it’s simple but gets the critical information across.

34. Suppversity – Research studies broken down into easy to understand articles, one of my favourites.

Fantastic Coaches (not mentioned already)

35. Dan Garner – Recently did the nutrition for Michael Bisping, the way he articulates his nutrition information is unreal, make sure you check out his series of guest appearances on the Under the Bar podcast.

36. Eric Cressey – If you’re after athletic performance, this is your guy. I would be surprised if you haven’t seen one of his videos or read an article.

37. Joseph Agu – Can’t recommend his work enough. 

38. Eric Helms – If a video, article, podcast has his name on it, you need to look at it. He is also a co-author on the Muscle & Strength Pyramids mentioned earlier.

39. Layne Norton – Physique coach, Powerlifting & all round source of great content

40. Charles Poliquin – While I don’t agree with all of his nutrition & supplement ideas, he is one the world’s most accomplished strength coaches and highly recommend his content. 

41. Menno Heselmans – Founder of Bayesian Bodybuilding, data driven & evidence based, one of my favourite reads

42. Brad Schoenfeld – Has forgotten more about hypertrophy than most people learn in their lifetime. Read all of his articles over at LookBetterNaked.com

43. John Berardi – Co-Founder of Precision Nutrition, world-class coach and educator. Read anything that has his name attached.

44. Lyle McDonald – go and read all of his books, (actually even read his website rants) you won’t be disappointed.

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