5 Free Tools To Improve Client Accountability

5 Free Tools To Improve Client Accountability

Trainers spend hours writing the perfect training / meal plan. If the client doesn't follow the plan it's useless. Here are some tools to dramatically increase how likely your client is to follow your program.


Put your hand up if you have spent more than 2 hours writing a program?

I know I have… It’s easy to spend lots of time agonising over the perfect program

Push / Pull or Upper / Lower split
Bulgarian Lunges or Split Squats
3 x 10 reps or 4 x 8 reps

There are so many decisions to make

Answer me this

What Tool/s Do You Use To Increase Accountability?

If your client doesn’t actually follow the program. The program is USELESS, regardless of how good you think it is.

This is critically important for Online Personal Trainers.

Using tools to improve accountability, get’s better client results and makes you look better as a coach, so you get more referrals and grow your business faster. 

Here's 5 tools that you can start using today..

#1 - Snap Chat

Snapchat is a great tool for keeping in touch with clients.

How To Use It:

– Quick & easy way for clients to send nutrition questions
– Clients can send “Gym Snaps”, so you know they are getting their training done
– The “Cheat Food Snap”, clients send a picture & a reason why they should eat “x” cheat food (great to limit blow outs)

#2 - Facebook Groups

Your clients probably check Facebook a gazillion times a day. Facebook Groups notify the user every time there is a post from that particular group, really helpful for keeping you top of mind.

It also adds a community aspect to your coaching which is extremely powerful.

How To Use It:

– Get clients to post personal bests
– Share success stories
– Post interesting training / nutrition info
– Give out recipes
– Do Q&A sessions

#3 - Habit List

People love seeing their achievements. Habit List allows you to set a habit and tick it off once it’s completed. It tracks completions, longest streak etc

It sounds simple but it’s extremely powerful.

How To Use It:

– Set clients a habit / behaviour to focus on e.g. Drink x5 glasses of water per day
– Get clients to send a screenshot of their progress when they check in at the end of the week

#4 - YouFood

A visual food diary.

Have a client who struggles keeping a food diary? Use the YouFood app!

Instead of writing down their foods, clients simply take photos of it.

How To Use It:

– Tell clients you will be reviewing their food diary weekly
– Send out a “how to” when you start your coaching program

#5 - My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal is normally the go to for Trainers. It’s a food database which has every food imaginable. Very easy to use once you get the hang of it.

How To Use It:

– Teach clients your style of tracking food
– Add them as a myfitnesspal friend
– Review weekly / bi-weekly

Bonus - Trainer Pulse

If you want a system designed specifically to improve client accountability you need to check it out.

– Individual Client Dashboards
– Automated Client Tracking
– Progress Picture Comparisons
– Detailed Exercise Records
– Body Stats
– Individual Goal Setting

It has everything you need to keep clients on track

It’s guaranteed to get your clients better results.

Click here to start your free account

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