[Video] How To Take On New Online Coaching Clients

[Video] How To Take On New Online Coaching Clients

Having a protocol to take on new clients won't only save you time but it will make sure your service is consistent every single time you take on a new client. In this article you will learn the exact 10 steps you need to take on a new online coaching client.


It can be pretty daunting when you first start Online Coaching… how do you even start, what do you send clients etc.

I get it, I was awful when I first started! Over the last couple of years of coaching online, I have developed a 10 step process that I use with every new client I take on.

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Step Zero

Before I start I make sure I use my trusty checklist, I use this for 2 reasons.

1. My memory is awful & 2. I want my service to be consistent for all of my clients. You don’t want to be the coach who gets emails ask for that program that was due a week ago

Step 1: Get Coaching Request

Depending on how tech savvy you want to get there are a couple of options.

Option 1: Get all requests via email, this totally works, it just means you need to manually send payment links etc

Option 2: Automate it with Trainer Pulse

Within Trainer Pulse you can create a coaching program, set your price etc and then you can easily link it to your website / social media profiles.

That way clients can pay for coaching directly on your website without having to email you first.

Step 2: Send Welcome Email

Try and be very specific with each step. E.g.

Step One: Pay for the coaching (if they haven’t already)

[Insert paypal / stripe link]

Step Two: Fill in pre coaching questionnaire

[Insert google forms link]

It depends on what else you require but I also like to add instructions to fill in a food diary & how to do progress pictures

Step 3: Receive Client Forms Back

Once all of your steps are completed tick this off your checklist

Step 4: Send Thank You Email

I think this step is really important – Thank the client for taking the time to fill out the forms & tell them when they will hear from me next.

There is nothing worse than waiting around for days not knowing when your coach will get back to you.

Step 5: Set Program Creation Date In Calendar

Don’t take this for granted…

Do yourself a favour and legitimately open up your calendar and lock in a time to create the program! If you don’t… you will forget

Step 6: Create Coaching Program

Do yourself a favour and create some program templates to start with.

This doesn’t mean sending out “cookie cutter” programs to all of your clients it just saves you a gazillion hours trying to do all of the formatting etc for every new client

You will develop you’re own style but for a starting point you can’t go wrong by sending the following:

1. Assessment Feedback Report
2. Meal plan
3. Training plan

Key Point… Simple is best, don’t overcomplicate it.

Step 7: Add Client To Coaching Software

You don’t have to use coaching software, but from personal experience using it means you will get significantly better client results and in addition you look more professional & stands out from the majority of other coaches.

Having your own branded software & individual client logins makes you look wayyyy better than the Trainer who just sends out excel spreadsheets.

Want access to the FREE online coaching templates? Click here to download

Step 8: Email Client Coaching Program

This step is where Trainers often stuff up, they send the program and then…. NOTHING.

My email to clients typically looks like this…


Client Name,

Here is your program, attached are 5x documents.

Read them in this order:

1. Assessment Feedback Report
2. Training Plan
3. Meal Plan
4. How to create a meal
5. How to train

You are going to have 1000 questions, it’s completely normal! Email them through or alternatively we can arrange a Skype if you would prefer.

The process going forward:

1. Start implementing recommendations as best you can
2. Don’t expect to be perfect! This is about being consistent
3. Starting next week, every Monday by 12pm you must check in online, this involves:

– Fill in online survey
– Upload progress photos
– Upload your training plan

Results Tracking Software Details:

Login Link: https://trainerpulse.com/login/
(Click on the client tab)

Email: client@hotmail.com
Password: pass1234

Look forward to seeing what kind of results we can get!

Coach Name

[End Email]

Step 9: Set Check In Date +3 Days

Any additional touch points you can make with the clients is important.

So many Trainer UNDERVALUE how important the accountability aspect of coaching is – set a reminder 3 days from now to check in on your client.

Step 10: Add To Weekly Client Check In List

I use Trainer Pulse to group all of my clients so I can keep track of them.

But you could easily use a Google sheet if you would prefer.

So there you have it there is my 10 step process for taking on new clients. If you have ANY questions about this send me an email!

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