3 Website Mistakes That Are Costing You Thousands

3 Website Mistakes That Are Costing You Thousands

Is your website a lead generation machine? or is it more like an expensive online business card? In this article you will learn the 3 website mistakes that are costing you thousands and how you can fix them so you can start getting more leads.


Does my website get me leads & make me more money?

Website Mistake #1 – Not being clear about what you do & how you help people

Ever been skiing? More importantly have you had a skiing accident? I’m petrified of skiing, I’m like a new born foal.

Let’s say you do your knee. Worst case scenario, you need a reconstruction, sad face. You have two options when you’re looking for a Surgeon.

Surgeon 1: Works part time as a Surgeon, also sells Real Estate part time & has a carpet cleaning business on the side. To potential clients trying to figure out what she does, the website would look like this…

^ what clients see when your messaging isn’t clear

Or there is option 2

Surgeon 2: The best Surgeon on the East Coast who specialises in knee surgery after skiing accidents.

It’s not a hard decision is it? You want the specialist right?

That’s exactly what your clients want… they want the best, they want the person who knows what their going through and exactly how to fix them. Just like the Surgeon example your website should be crystal clear.

Within 5 seconds of visiting your website a visitor must know exactly what you do & how you can help them.

Action Step

– Add a single headline to the top of your website which explains who you help & how you do it.

Really important note – something like this….

Regan Kirk – Online Trainer is AWFUL

Don’t assume your clients knows what an online trainer is, you need to break it down for them. A significantly better option would be: “I transform busy corporate guys from flabby to fit in 60 days”

Here’s your template:
I transform [insert perfect client] go from [condition prior to training] to [desired client goal] in [insert goal timeframe]

Website Mistake #2 – Having A Boring Opt-In Offer (or not having one at all)

When was the last time you woke up & said I really need some more newsletters in my life. My guess is that has never happened! But without fail at least once a day I will see a Trainer who has a big pop up that says “Sign Up To My Newsletter”

NO GRACIAS SEÑOR – People get a gazillion emails a day (< not a real stat). Let’s be honest you don’t need anymore pointless emails in your life.

But I heard I need to build my email list…

True fact! But instead of offering something boring you need to offer something IRRESISTIBLE and trade it for an email address.

Here is the formula for an awesome lead magnet:



Business: Online Coaching For Physique Competitors
Lead Magnet Ideas: Top 5 Foods To Avoid While Dieting [PDF], Beginners Checklist For Your First Comp Day,

Business: Online Coaching for Busy Mums
Lead Magnet Ideas: Top 3 Glute Exercises You Can Do At Home, 4x Family Meals You Can Put Together In Less Than 15mins

Ok so I have an awesome lead magnet, what next?

You need a show your lead magnet to your website visitors, there are x2 tools I recommend.

1 – Sumo

2 – Thrive Leads (WordPress sites only)

Both of these tools are fantastic, Sumo might be the better option for people starting out because they have a FREE version which works really well. You have a whole bunch of options how you want it to be delivered.

– When the user leaves your site
– Slide in when someone scrolls half way down your site
– In your blog posts
– Only on certain pages

^ Here’s an example from my nutrition site

The list is endless, you can get super creative with this stuff!

Action Step

– Create an irresistible lead magnet on your site & deliver it with one of the recommended tools

Website Mistake #3 – Not Highlighting Your Clients Biggest Problem

Role play time…. Which of the following scenarios would make you want to take action quicker?

Scenario 1: You’re on the way to work, you’re in a bit of a rush, you walk past a supplement shop & this week they’re having a sale and protein is 20% off – that’s kind of cool, but would that make you take immediate action?

or would this scenario make you take action….

Scenario 2: You just trained, you did a killer arm session, you go to have your oats & protein…

***CUE dramatic music***

You open your protein bag & THERE IS NONE LEFT!!! WHAT?! You start to panic…

You know if you don’t get some protein in the next 3.5mins you’re going to lose all of your gains. If you’re anything like me you would pay $250 / kg if someone could instantly deliver me a bag of new protein.

Can you see the difference between the two scenarios?

Scenario 1: Offered a solution (20% off protein), it was kind of appealing, but didn’t make me want to act immediately

Scenario 2: Highlighted a problem (Ran out of protein), this made me want to act immediately!

Highlighting your clients problems is an EXTREMELY powerful strategy & works extremely well for making people take action.

Action Step

– Highlight your clients biggest problem & what will happen if they fail to take action today


So there you have it 3 tips (that if they aren’t optimised) are literally costing you thousands of dollars in potential revenue.

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